Kindergarten 2019


Welcome to our new and existing Caralee families.

hose families that have already enrolled will have received notification of their child's respective Orientation.  Orientation Days have now been scheduled as follows:

Kindy 1 - Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 9.15am to 10.30am


Kindy 2 - Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 9.15am to 10.30am


Please assemble outside the Administration Office prior to 9.10am.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

In order to assist with preparing your child's attendance next year, your respective Term Planners are now available on-line.

2019 KindyKindy 1 (Jellybeans) - Term 1 Planner

Kindy 2 (Lollipops) - Term 1 Planner

Your child's requirements for next year are also available on our website under School Office/Student Requirements.

Please note stationery orders placed on/before 2nd December 2018 will be delivered free of charge before the end of that month.

The P&C Uniform Shop will open prior to commencement of Term 1, 2019 for purchase and collection of school uniforms on Friday, 1st February 2019 from 9.00am to 11.00am.  

A message from the City of Melville
Discover some early reading fun this November! 

'Busy Things' and 'Story Box Library'

Busy Things 'is an online resource for the early years'.

Story Box Library 'connects children with nearly 200 Australian books read by some of Australia's finest storytellers'. 

Free for all City of Melville library members at: