Caralee Dental Therapy Centre


 A Special Message from our Caralee Dental Therapy Centre

 Hi All,

 The Caralee DTC will be closing over the school holidays.

 We are closed from:
 Monday 24th December 2018  to Tuesday the 29th January 2019 inclusive.


 An emergency service is available at:
 Mt Henry Dental Clinic: Ph. 9313 0552
 Hours: 8.15am – 4.30pm


 We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Festive Season and a well deserved break.


 Kind regards,


 Mark, Jan & Sue



Caralee Dental Therapy Centre

Our Caralee students certainly have an advantage having a School Dental Service permanently on site.


The Caralee DTC is open during the week and can be contacted on the details below.


Caralee DTC

Dental Health Services

24 Winnacott St, Willagee 6156

Ph: 08 9337 6818



School Dental Service (SDS)

The School Dental Service (SDS) is a public health programme and provides free general dental care to students who attend a Western Australian Department of Education for recognised school aged children 5 to 16 years or until the end of year 11.

The SDS is delivered state wide through fixed and mobile dental therapy centres (DTC) co-located with some schools.